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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a BIG day to celebrate!

Today we have two wonderful reasons to jump for joy!! First of all today is National Down Syndrome Day :-) I can't begin to explain how one extra little chromosome has changed our lives for the better. Wyatt and I are completely different people than we were a year ago and we thank God for that everyday! Kayson is an amazing little boy and although we celebrate everyday with him, today is a MAJOR celebration. I'm so glad Kayson was born in a time with all the medical advances and also a time where society is starting to accept children with down syndrome!
Our second reason for celebration is...Kayson is off the temporary pacemaker!!!! As many of you know he went in for his first heart surgery two weeks ago today. Five days later the doctors took him back in for a second surgery and were able to completely mend his AV Canal heart defect! It's very common for a heart block to occur during the type of procedure Kayson had. The top part of his heart had a normal rhythm but was only sending signals to the bottom part of his heart every other beat. For that reason, he was placed on a temporary pacemaker. After two rounds of steroids and LOTS of prayers Kayson came out of his heart block this morning =) We were beyond happy and so so very proud him!! We can't begin to explain how difficult this experience has been... For the past two weeks we have been completely helpless. As a mom you think you can help your babies. You are supposed to be able to make the hurt go away and fix bo bo's with a kiss. I couldn't fix his heart with a kiss nor could I make his pain go away and it absolutely broke me. All we could do is cry and pray for God to help us through this. Two open heart surgeries in two weeks is a roller coaster ride that seemed to never end. The Doctors and nurses here at Batson Children's have made our days bearable... They've been the hug we needed, the reassurance we longed for and a support system that we will forever be grateful for! They gave our baby boy a life... How do we ever repay them??? We could write a million thank you notes and it would never seem enough!!! The thought of taking home a healthy baby blows our mind. He came in so broken and so tired... And now he is all fixed!!! He has energy that he's never had before and we are in awe =) We can never thank God enough for allowing us to keep our Kayson for a little longer. Thank you all for your support and all the prayers... We are beyond blessed that so many people love our sweet boy!!!