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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Start of Early Intervention!!!

Today First Steps came for Kayson's first official day of early intervention.  Wyatt and I have been anxiously waiting for this day to start, because we know the earlier we get started the better it is for his development.  Kayson was a little fussy this morning but they still got to see his capabilities!!!  He showed us how he can hold his head up and swat at toys!!! And is so very alert and happy when someone talks to him and shows him attention ( he gets this from me!!)  He is trying to roll over to his side and acts like he is swimming when placed on his tummy.  He thinks tummy time is the best and doesn't know which toy to reach for next lol =)  After his evaluation today the speech and occupational therapist said "well why are we here? We do not see any reason for further treatment!"  I quickly stepped in and said I would prefer for Kayson to continue with therapy so he will stay on track.  They had overlooked in his paperwork that he was born with down syndrome, and when I mentioned this they were in shock.  Kayson is showing NO developmental delays so far which is such a blessing!  We will continue tummy time everyday and practice bringing his hands mid line to reach for toys!  Lots of music and singing and talking to promote the cooing and laughing!  We will also see a physical therapist weekly to continue to build muscle strength and tone!  Kayson amazes me everyday and we couldn't be more proud of him.  We take so many things for granted these days and having Kayson has given me such a new outlook on life.  Its the small things in life that make me so happy!  Just to see Kayson pick his head up and look at me makes my heart so full of love!  We tend to expect things in life...expect for our kids to reach for toys and expect them to laugh and roll over! But with Kayson it's different.  Everything he does is a milestone that we celebrate!  Every noise, every smile, and every lift of his head.  Never take anything for granted!!! And don't forget to thank God for EVERYTHING, even the little things =)


  1. Hey Kayla,
    I found your blog through a mutual friend on Facebook and I'm in tears reading it. It really touched me because this is my life story, too. Our daughter Ava has Aicardi Syndrome and is severely delayed because of it. I went to school with I had heard through friends of friends about Kayson, but didn't know any details until finding this blog. We also keep one on Ava... . Ava will be 6 soon so we've been in the game for a little while now. Please let me know if I can do ANYthing to help you get what you need with early intervention, from a doctor, or if you just need to vent! Please keep in contact. You can find me on Facebook (Paige Zumwalt Walters.) And tell Wyatt I said hello. Congrats to you both for creating such a perfect baby boy!

  2. KayKay,
    Today's blog was great news! You ate doing such an awesome job with your family's story! I'm so very proud of you, Wyatt, and my super sweet great nephew, kayson!!!

    Hugs and Kisses! I love y'all!

  3. I'm glad to hear your little boy is doing so well! You are a good mommy!